Perfect Blends – Hybrid/Irons Sets

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Perfect Blends Can't figure out which irons and hybrids to carry? You may want to try a hybrid-iron combo set, which gives you the hybrids you want in a package that's as consistent as a regular matched iron set. Callaway FTi-brid $1,299, steel; $1,499, graphite Set makeup: 3 (19°), 4 (22°), 5 (25°) in i-Brid, and FT i-brid 6-iron to PW • Hybrids: The "i-Brid" looks and feels like an iron but plays more like a wood-based hybrid. The clubface has bulge and roll, while shaft lengths vary by 3/4-inch (rather than the typical 1/2-inch) increments to ensure that you hit clubs different distances. • Irons: Heavy tunite (tungsten and nickel) plugs in the heel and toe improve head stability. The titanium body has a wide sole and a low, deep center of gravity to get shots airborne. A solid chunk of thermoplastic pressed against the face leads to crisp impact sound.
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Cleveland HiBore Gold Combo $599, steel; $699, graphite Set makeup: 3 (22°), 4 (25°) in HiBore hybrid, and CG Gold 5-iron to PW • Hybrids: The iron-like silver topline guarantees hassle-free alignment. Its "inverted crown" pushes weight low in the head to create easy takeoffs. A flatter leading edge and large effective hitting area combine to make it user-friendly from a variety of lies. • Irons: The firm's "Gelback" technology elicits a smooth, soft feel on solid shots and squelches nasty vibrations on less-than stellar contact. "Micro-cavities" stiffen the topline to limit head distortion. A wide sole contributes to the club's overall helpful nature.
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MacGregor MT OS $799, graphite Set makeup: 4 (23°), 5 (26°) in MT hybrid, and MT OS 6-iron to gap wedge • Hybrids: The "cup face 360- degree" design means the clubface is plasma-welded to the body. This bonding process creates a larger "trampoline" along the face to bolster forgiveness. Dual rails on the sole let you swing steeply without the worry of digging. • Irons: The thin "cup face" (the same technology mentioned above) is designed to help slower swingers generate maximum rebound for longer shots. The club's deep undercut cavity builds in forgiveness and contributes to a higher ball flight.
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Nickent 4DX Hybrid $799, steel; $899, graphite
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Nike SQ Sumo2 Hybrid $899, steel; $999, graphite Set makeup: 4 (23°), 5 (26°), 6 (30°), 7 (34°) in SQ Sumo2 hybrid, and 8-iron to AW Hybrids: The squarish shape makes it easy to point and shoot. Added mass in the extreme heel and toe areas contribute to the club's forgiving manner. The hard, light Cryo steel face broadens the usable hitting area for consistently long distance. Irons: The low-profile design, wide sole and long blade length provide a good deal of directional forgiveness. These features also help the clubhead blow through light rough. The polyurethane insert [yellow] absorbs some vibration from heel or toe hits. More Equipment Articles: • The Shop: Get the latest equipment news • GOLF Magazine ClubTest 2008 • Gear Doctor: Mud wedges, sunglasses and driver loft