Toughest par 4s at Pebble Beach: Nos. 8, 9, 10

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No. 8, 428 Yards2010 AT&T Stroke Avg. 4.244, Rank 2nda) The 8th fairway has been moved to the right so that it abuts the cliff and increases the chance of a ball running off the course. b) An alternate landing area left of the 8th green has been expanded, providing a bailout for those who get in trouble off the tee.
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No. 9, 505 Yards2010 AT&T Stroke Avg. 4.253, Rank 1sta) The 9th tee has been moved back to lengthen the hole from 446 to 505 yards. b) The 9th fairway has been widened and extended toward the ocean, making it more likely that balls favoring the right side will run into the hazard.
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No. 10, 495 Yards2010 AT&T Stroke Avg. 4.164, Rank 4tha) A new 10th tee stretches the hole by 50 yards.b) The landing area has been widened by 50 or more yards.c) The 10th fairway left of the green has been extended so that players can run the ball onto the putting surface.