The O-Factor and How to Get It

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Power Up With the O-Factor A rarely discussed move, clearly evident in the swings of the game's elite players, will make you longer and more accurate with every club. The key is in your hips. O-Factor: The angle of your hips in relation to horizontal. It should always be positive (left hip up) or neutral. Address Set your body like an airplane coming in for a landing, with your left shoulder and left hip above their right-side counterparts, and your spine tilted away from the target.
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Top: If you're O-Negative at address, the act of turning your left shoulder under your chin will make you O-Negative at the top. Hello, reverse-pivot!
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O-Negative: The root of all errors Slices, slaps and weak hits occur when you tilt your hips the wrong way. Stay positive The power of the O-Factor works both ways: use it correctly and your shots will soar to new lengths; use it incorrectly and you'll hit every conceivable type of poor shot. Luckily, all you need to do is avoid dropping your left hip below your right at any point in your swing. If you do this, a majority of your worst shots — tops, slices and chunks — will disappear. Address: Setting up with your weight over your front foot and your shoulders tilted left creates a Negative O-Factor and the potential for hitting a slice.
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How to get the O-Factor A fundamentally sound and powerful swing is driven by a slightly positive O-Factor at address, a neutral O-Factor at the top of your backswing, and a very positive O-Factor through impact. Make the following moves — some old, some new — and you'll be O-Positive and O-Neutral in all of the right spots.
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O-Factor for accuracy \"An O-Positive swing produces accurate shots, too\" Slices, hooks, pulls and pushes are swing-plane errors, and the reason you hit those shots is that your swing is never on plane. The hidden beauty of a positive O-Factor through impact is that it automatically places your hands and club in the perfect delivery position. If you were to only turn your hips left instead of left and up, you'd pull your hands to the inside and throw your club above the proper plane. RETURN ADDRESS Moving your left hip up and to the left clears a path for your arms and hands to find the slot and deliver an accurate strike on the ball.