No. 1 Best Selling Brands of 2010

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The company that created the Pittsburgh Persimmon is still pushing the envelope. Top Sellers: Burner, Burner SuperFast, R9 SuperTri Company Line: "The constant conversation we maintain with Tour pros provides invaluable feedback that's helped us continually improve the performance of our woods. With each new technology and driver we develop, we gain a greater understanding of, and control over, the weights and angles and other key variables that promote optimal performance." Why They're No. 1: TaylorMade's R&D department has come up with a plethora of unique technologies over the years, including movable weights and adjustable hosels, that allow players to quickly and easily customize clubs to their liking. These technologies also make it easier for a clubfitter to immediately provide a player with the right club for his or her game. Other technologies that allow for super-thin titanium walls and flexible clubfaces make TaylorMade drivers topnotch distance performers. That's a Fact: Through 8/8/10, TM drivers have won 35 professional tournaments worldwide (includes the PGA, European, LPGA, Nationwide, Champions and Japan PGA tours). The next closest competitor has won 22.
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Once best known for big sticks, Callaway is now a leader in the iron market. Top Sellers: Diablo Edge, X-22 Company Line: "Each of our core technologies play a role in our philosophy of moving weight to where it's most important. Since the original Big Bertha iron was introduced, we've adapted our choices of shape, size, offset and leading edge heights, as well as other design factors, to optimize performance for all types of players. That's the key for us— being able to produce irons that perform for the entire spectrum of skill levels." Why They're No. 1: Since the introduction of the original Big Bertha iron in the early '90s, Callaway's R&D department has been pushing the envelope of iron design. Technologies like 360-degree undercut channels, variable face thicknesses and short hosels, which were extreme departures from the norm when first introduced, have become standards in the industry. Today, Callaway uses these technologies, combined with newer ones, to create a full line of high-performance irons that run the gamut from player's forgings to ultra game-improvement designs fit for the highest-handicappers. That's a Fact: Numerous worldwide wins in 2010 include the Masters, U.S. Open and WGC-CA Championship.
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The most storied name in the category is still the best selling. Top Sellers: CG15 (all models), CG14 black pearl Company Line: "Our wedges are successful because we take a comprehensive approach to designing short-game tools for all types of players. We work extensively with our Tour players to create better player designs, but we've also worked equally hard to produce products for average and high-handicap players. Fitting is also something we focus on extensively, which has led to the creation of a wide variety of bounce and loft configurations." Why They're No. 1: Feedback from Tour pros helps Cleveland's designers create popular shapes and learn how to best control vibration, producing great feel. Providing a huge variety of models with an array of lofts, bounce, and sole widths means there's a Cleveland wedge for almost any player, even those who require game improving performance. That's a Fact: Cleveland wedges have 300-plus professional wins in the last 25 years, including 30 major titles. Of the last 12 players to reach World No. 1, 11 carried Cleveland wedges.
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The inventor of the 2-Ball continues to design the most popular flatsitcks Top Sellers: White Ice (#1, #9), White Hot XG Core, White Ice 2-Ball Company Line: "It all starts with feel, and feel consists of many different things. It's what you feel in your hands, what you hear, and what you see. The weight of the putter, the insert, the grip, the finish... everything plays into it." Why They're No. 1: From the very beginning, Odyssey deviated from traditional putter designs by using its patented Stronomic material in the face of its putters. The placement of the material not only created a unique feel but moved weight away from the face of the club and into lower and deeper areas of the clubhead, creating enhanced forgiveness and overall performance. Today Odyssey's designers do the same thing, only with newer inserts like the White Ice and White Hot XG and a massive array of clubhead designs. Being able to fit a wide range of golfers is a key to Odyssey's success. That's a Fact: This year's first two major winners used Odyssey putters: Mickelson at the Masters (ProType 82 with White Hot XG insert) and McDowell at the U.S. Open (White Hot #7).
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Since its debut in 2000, the Pro V1 has turned the golf ball industry upside down. Top Sellers: Pro V1, Pro V1x, NXT Tour Company Line: "Our mission continues to be providing serious golfers with a golf ball that is superior in performance and quality to all other golf balls. Performance and quality are the prerequisites for sustained golfer satisfaction." Why They're No. 1: The Pro V1 represented an enormous breakthrough in golf ball design when it was first introduced in 2000, and its performance has only gotten better. Its multi-layer design, featuring a solid core, thin urethane elastomer cover and ionomer casing layer, provides a unique combination of distance, spin, short-game feel and durability. Originally designed as a model primarily for Tour players, the Pro V1's performance characteristics quickly made it the first Tour model that became a good choice for the average recreational player. That's a Fact: October marks the 10-year anniversary of the Pro V1's debut at the Invensys Classic. Since then, the franchise has more than 270 wins on the PGA Tour (58% of all tournaments).