New, unique golf grips, golf accessories

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use a synthetic rubber compound with a traction-enhancing dual-surface design. The back section features a hexagon-pattern to keep your hands from slipping at impact, while the front has a simple line pattern to enhance softness and feel.
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let you show your true colors no matter which team is your favorite. Under these polymer grips you can insert logos and colors for teams from the NFL, MLB, NHL and scores of colleges.
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are designed for fast swingers, with tacky black Velvet Cord in the upper hand and a soft rubber material in the bottom hand for ultimate control and feel.
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are put on using a gun-shaped attachment that connects to an air compressor on one side and the grip on the other. The air makes the grip expand so you can slip it onto the shaft, even if you want to build up the size using a few layers of tape. Turn the air off and the grip locks into place and is ready for play. Unlike other grips, which have to be cut off with a knife because they were glued on, Pure grips come off intact and can be reused.
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lighten club weight for faster swing speed and increased distance, according to the company. By shifting the balance point of the club downward, the polymer grips increase the launch angle for higher ball flight while enhancing clubhead feel.