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Movie violations Bad tippers We've learned a lot from the movies (the force is with us, a man can eat 50 eggs), but few good golf tips. Here's how Hollywood's hackers have steered us wrong — and how to hone an Oscar-worthy game...
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TIP "You're coming over the top. Put your weight on your heels and swing through your abdomen." -Jack (Thomas Haden Church), Sideways CUT! Jack don't know... jack. "Placing your weight on your heels at address will throw off your balance and you'll hit it sideways," warns Top 100 Teacher Rick Grayson. TAKE TWO... "You want your weight slightly on the balls of your feet. And if you're coming over the top, let your right elbow brush against your right hip on the downswing, to keep your club on an in-to-out path."
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TIP "Your left arm is straight, but you're not keeping your head down." -Otter (Tim Matheson), Animal House CUT! In the words of John Belushi's Bluto: Burrrrrrp! "A straight left arm is fine, but don't become rigid or you lose feel," Grayson says. "And a too-still head means you can't rotate your body." TAKE TWO... "Keep your left arm tense, but don't lock your elbow. And let your head sway a couple inches back and through—like you're doing a modified Stevie Wonder impression."
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TIP "Don't talk in someone's backswing." -Mary (Cameron Diaz), There's Something About Mary CUT! OK, that's actually sound advice, but you can get away with mid-swing gamesmanship, says our mental-game consultant Richard Coop Ph.D. TAKE TWO... Put a spring in your step, like the "quick-steppers" on Tour who start walking in their rival's downswing, he says. "They do it once, and it's in the other guy's mind all day."
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TIP "Dr. Huxley, when I play golf, I only talk golf." -Alexander Peabody (George Irving), to Cary Grant, Bringing Up Baby CUT! Peabody? Pea brain. You've got about five hours on the course, too long to talk all golf, all the time. TAKE TWO... Non-golf topics-job, kids, your favorite Homer Simpson line-relaxes you and helps you forget that fat sand wedge, Grayson says. (Mmmmm...fat sandwich.)