For longer golf shots and fewer slices, move your left shoulder

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Move Your Left Shoulder, Add Yards Bonus: It will keep your slice in check, too By Robert Baker Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You need more distance but don't know how to get it • The harder you swing, the more you slice or pop the ball up • You can't keep your head back during your downswing THE PROBLEM When you try to bust a big drive, you move your whole body toward the target on your downswing. This results in very poor contact and weaker hits than if you just tried to swing easy. THE SOLUTION Start your power move with your left shoulder only, not your whole body. HOW IT WORKS At address, notice the distance between your left shoulder and your chin. As you swing to the top, also notice how that distance all but disappears as you turn your left shoulder away from the target. Big hits occur when you re-establish this gap on your downswing.
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On your downswing, pull your left shoulder up and away from your chin. It sounds complicated, but it's an easy move. Try it where you are right now: Swing to a mock top position, and then pull your left shoulder up and to the left. Feel how the upward movement of your left shoulder automatically drops your arms and hands down. This is the "slotting" move common to all great power swings. It's like a water-skier being whipped around on a line by a boat. In this scenario, your left shoulder is the boat, and your hands are the skier.
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It's important to keep your head back and allow the left-shoulder move to re-create the distance between your left shoulder and your chin. This move produces huge amounts of force and the potential for extra distance with every club in your bag, More importantly, it eliminates swinging over the top and other errors that result in slices.