Knock It Low Into the Wind

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Knock It Low Into the Wind This low-boring bullet works in the stiffest winds This story is for you if... • Your shots balloon into the air on windy days. • Your contact could be a little crisper with each of your irons. The Situation You're in the fairway, midiron distance to the pin, with a stiff breeze in your face. The Solution You might think about making your normal swing with an extra club or two, but even the normal loft of a 5-iron could balloon into the wind and cause the ball to land way short of your target. Better players use the knockdown shot in this situation. The controlled halfswing you'll make produces a low ball that stays below the wind and travels straight at the target. How to Knock It Into the Wind Take two extra clubs (a 6-iron, for example, if you're at your 8-iron distance) and follow the steps below. ADDRESS • Play the ball back in your stance — directly off the toes of your right foot. • Forward press your hands so that the shaft leans toward the target. • If your normal grip pressure is a "7" on a 1-to- 10 scale, make it a "9" here.
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BACKSWING • Make a shorter, more compact backswing (notice that this doesn't mean restricting your shoulder and hip turn). • Feel like your left arm is connected to your chest as you take the club back and swing it to the top.
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KEY MOVE: DOWNSWING • Concentrate on making an aggressive move from the top of your backswing. • Try to keep your left arm firm. Use your body to move your straight left arm from a horizontal position to a vertical position at impact. Don't go soft on this shot!
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FINISH • Just like you did with your backswing, abbreviate your finish, but make sure that your head, chest, hips and knees are facing the target. • The ball will come out low and hot — it will rise a little but settle quickly once it hits the turf.