Ian Poulter golf clothing photo gallery, golf style, golf apparel

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Golf is a technicolor game, played out against emerald green backdrops, and few in the sport have a more sophisticated sense of color — and color harmony — than Ian Poulter.
2 of 9 Ross Kinnaird (left)/Andrew Redington, Getty Images (right)
Poulter is not shy about vivid, almost lurid combinations, like coral pink with pale green plaid (right). Note how the gray in his argyle sweater (left) picks up on the gray tone of the trouser plaid.
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He's quite unpredictable. Pink one day, a day later in the same tournament, all-black, as in this ensemble, which includes a classic cardigan with metal buttons.
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Great dressers with a gift for razzle-dazzle know to occasionally mix things up, to give the eye relief. Take away the wild colors and the essence of his look remains.
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His signature style is the boot-cut trouser, either solid or plaid (based on traditional Scottish tartans from the birthplace of golf). It's kind of a '70s flare, reminiscent of Johnny Miller and Jack Nicklaus from that period. The little details firm up the plot — here, an enameled belt buckle on a red leather belt (inset), from his own fashion collection, IJP Design (for Ian James Poulter).
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Occasionally he overdoes it, over-coordinating a single color. On a guy, a touch of pink goes a long way. Too much and you're in Paula Creamer territory.
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In 2010, Poulter learned to tone it down a bit. But just when you think he's gone normal, look closely ... dig those snakeskin FootJoys!
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In a bygone era Poulter would have been called a dandy or a swell. From his spiked hair and tinted Oakley shades down to his notched tartan trousers and custom FootJoys, his on-course style has no match (although he does have emulators, chiefly Ryo Ishikawa).
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Whatever you think of him, he's got snap. He livens up the golf course.