Hybrid to the Rescue: Fairway Divots

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HYBRID TO THE RESCUE: FAIRWAY DIVOTS By Jason Carbone Top 100 Teacher The large cambered sole of a hybrid stops the heel or toe from catching the edge of a divot as an iron would through impact, so a hybrid gives you the best chance of clean contact from this tough lie. Set up with 60 percent of your weight over your left leg, and position the ball two ball-widths back from the inside of your left heel. As you take the club back, hinge your wrists quickly to set up a sharper, steeper strike. Your primary goal is to make ball-first contact — easy to do if you drive your hips and knees toward the target on your downswing. You've done it right if your left hip is over your left knee at impact.
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HOW TO BLAST FROM A DIVOT 1. Position the ball two ball-widths back from your left heel.
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2. Hinge quickly during your backswing to ensure a steep angle of attack.
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3. Simultaneously drive your hips and knees toward the taget.
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4. Check for a new divot in front of the old one — that means you correctly hit down and through.