How to Stop Pushes and Pulls

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How to Stop Pushes and Pulls A grip adjustment will get your swing back on track By Bill Moretti Top 100 Teachers This story is for you if... • Your swing feels very steep and you hit a lot of pulls and slices, or... • It feels very flat and you hit a lot of pushes and hooks. Check This! Make your backswing in front of a full-length mirror (or with a friend standing behind you) and stop at the top. If you're prone to missing fairways, the shaft will either point right of your target line (across the line) or to the left (laid off). If you're across the line... You're taking the club back to the inside of the target line, then lifting it to the top with mostly your right arm. From an across-the-line top position, you're likely to swing into the ball from the inside. If the clubface is square to your swing path, you'll hit a push; if the face is square to the target at impact, you'll hit a hook.
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TRY THIS FIX Switch to a double-overlap grip. Place your right-hand pinkie between the ring and middle fingers on your left hand, and your right-hand ring finger between your left middle and forefingers. Taking two right-hand fingers off the handle like this instantly puts your left hand in control, so there's less chance that you'll lift the club up with your right arm and set the shaft across the line.
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If you're laid off at the top... You're taking the club away outside of the target line, and then lifting it to the top with mostly your left arm. As a result, your club travels more around your body than up and down. From a laid-off top position, it's easy to swing across the ball through impact. Hello, slice.
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TRY THIS FIX Switch to a 10-finger grip. (Make any grip change on the practice range before using it on the course.) The 10-finger hold gives your right hand more control of your swing (when you overlap or interlock your grip, fewer fingers on your right hand touch the club). Hit practice balls to get used to this extra right-hand control and try to swing both arms back in unison as you bring the club to the top.