How to Stop High, Weak Irons

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How to Stop High, Weak Irons Think 'post up' for crisp contact every time By Peter Krause Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • The distances of your iron shots vary wildly. • Your most common mis-hit is high and weak. • You don't have a balanced finish. The Problem You often hit short of the pin, putting extra pressure on your short game. But you can't just take more club, because sometimes you'll catch one good and overshoot the green. Why It's Happening If you're inconsistent with your irons like this, you're probably hanging too far back and pivoting around your right leg through impact (instead of your left). This causes you to release the club early and swing with a lifting or scooping motion. The result: High and weak shots. Pivoting around your right leg on your downswing is the fast track to high, weak shots.
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The Solution Start your downswing with your left knee and hip "posting up" on top of your left foot first. This allows your hands and arms to drop down without releasing the club before impact. As your left hip begins to clear out of the way, your right knee and hip move up into the ball, allowing you to deliver the club into the ball with power and accuracy. Once you ingrain this move, you'll start to hit your irons the proper distance and trajectory. Think of your left leg as a post that your right side can move toward through impact. This gives you the best chance to strike your irons with power and accuracy.