How to Set Up to Bust One

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How to Set Up to Bust One It's easier than you think By Carol Preisinger Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You're missing the sweet spot with your driver • As a result, you're not getting much distance off the tee • You think your swing is the problem, not your address position Check This! Take your address in front of a mirror. If your head is over your right knee, you're tilted too far to the right. That might seem a little insignificant, but it actually affects everything else in your swing. The most efficient — and fastest — rotation occurs when your lower body is stable, and the only way to achieve that is by being centered and balanced at address. Here's how to set up properly for power. Address Because your right hand is below your left hand on the grip, tilt your right shoulder down the same amount. Feel like you're "on top" of the ball, with your head just slightly back of center.
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Top Position A balanced, centered starting position allows you to make a simple turn away from the target while you remain behind the ball at the top with your weight over your right foot.
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Impact Because you were centered at address you'll be centered at impact, with your weight balanced over your front foot and your spine tilted only slightly away from the target.
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DON'T DO THIS! Take the tip "set up behind the ball" too literally and you'll create extra side bend at address. This imbalance sets in motion a chain of weight shift and swing errors that result in a slice-causing reverse pivot at the top and too much "hang back" at impact.