How to Punch Your Hybrids

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How to Punch Your Hybrids They make low-flying shots a breeze By Jason Carbone Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • Your misses often end up in the trees. • You're more of a high-ball hitter than a low-ball-hitter ... • ... which makes escaping tree trouble difficult. The Situation Your drive strayed and ended up in a stand of trees. A controlled, low-flying shot that flies under the limbs will get you back in the hole, but you've replaced your long irons (the clubs you used to use from this situation) with hybrids, which are designed to hit the ball high. The Solution Go with your lowest-lofted hybrid. Although their main purpose is to hit the ball high, they're great for low shots, as long as you don't add loft to the face at impact. Follow the steps shown at right.
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Hit Punch-Outs with Your Hybrid STEP 1 Stand behind the ball and find the safest line back to the fairway or, if you're close enough, to the green. Picture the trajectory in your mind, taking into account that this technique gives you about 75% of your normal hybrid distance.
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STEP 2 Address the ball with a narrow stance (set your feet under your hips). Place 60 percent of your weight on your front foot and grip down on the handle a solid inch (allowing you to stand closer to the ball).
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STEP 3 Make a three-quarter backswing with a lot of body turn. Even though you're turning, try to stay centered over the ball (notice the lack of sway to either the right or left).
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STEP 4 Turn back through the ball, avoiding any excess hand action. Make a few practice swings to check that the Vs of your grip, clubshaft and right shin all point at your left shoulder at impact. Get these positions right and you'll subtract loft from the clubface and hit the extra-low shot you need.