How to Hit a Short, Soft Sand Shot

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How to Hit a Short, Soft Sand Shot This flop will leave you close from ultra-short range By Dom DiJulia Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • Most of your bunker shots barely clear the lip • When you try to hit it high you take too much sand and leave the ball in the bunker The Situation You have a decent lie in a greenside bunker, but the hole is only a few paces away. The Solution Normally you'd open the face of your wedge and cut across the ball to hit it high out of a bunker. But in extreme situations like this, a simple cut shot won't get the job done, so follow these steps.
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STEP 1 Use your lob wedge and set up square to your target with the clubface pointing where you want the ball to land. Play the ball almost off your left heel, and tilt your upper body away from the target.
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STEP 2 Aim for a spot an inch behind the ball, and as you enter the sand, keep your weight back and allow the club to pass your hands. It should feel like you're slapping the bottom of the club against the sand under the ball.
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DON'T DO THIS! As you flip the clubhead past your hands, don't slap it to the left. Your right hand should flip under your left hand so that the clubface points straight up in your follow-through, not back behind you.