How To Gain 15 Yards

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How To Gain 15 Yards Rotate your shoulder into your chin, not under it By Martin Hall Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You need some more yards off the tee. • Every time you swing for the fences, you pop the ball up. Try This! On the practice tee (or while making mock swings in your backyard), place a dollop of shaving cream on the left side of your chin. Make your regular backswing and hold your top position for a count, relax, then check your left shoulder. Is it clean or covered in shaving cream?
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What You're Looking At The quality of your shoulder turn. If your left shoulder isn't caked with shaving cream, then you rotated your shoulder under your chin (or didn't turn it at all). This kind of shoulder action is devoid of power and results in pop-ups, slices and pulls.
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How to Add Yards Try the drill again, and this time make an effort to turn your left shoulder into your chin and transfer the cream on your face to your shoulder. It should feel like you're turning your back to the target and swinging the club back on a slightly flatter plane. These are two important power keys.