How to Add 10 Yards — Now!

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How to Add 10 Yards — Now! This towel drill keeps you connected for more power By Mike Adams Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You struggle to get the clubface square at impact. • You're not getting the power you desire. • You don't know what to practice to build more power into your swing.
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Try This! Address an imaginary ball with a towel held under your armpits and draped across your chest (photo, left). Make swings with the towel under your arm, making sure you don't drop the towel. The drill teaches you to fold your arms correctly (right arm folds in your takeaway; left arm folds in your follow-through) during your swing and maintain a square clubface. Start with half-swings, then extend your swing as you getter better at keeping the towel in place.
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DON'T DO THIS! If your left arm separates from your chest in the backswing, the club is too far behind you.
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If your left elbow flies out in your downswing, the shaft is too far in front of you.
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If your left elbow comes out through impact (also known as "chicken-winging"), hello slice!