Best golf pictures on Twitter

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@DianeDonald: [email protected] hard at work or hardly working? at the @ICAPCharityDay
2 of 20 @themichellewie
@themichellewie: With lexi on the camel! Poor Nadia...we must have been so heavy #dubai #trooper
3 of 20 @ThePCreamer
@ThePCreamer: Bolt and Creamer..... Hahaha
4 of 20 @CaroWozniacki
@CaroWozniacki: Just getting my revenge after @McIlroyRory posted a pic of me sleeping last week lol.
5 of 20 @Brittany1golf
@Brittany1golf: One of the bigger ones :-). Caught 6 today. So fun! VERY tired!!!!
6 of 20 @IanJamesPoulter
@IanJamesPoulter: How big is your "Bottle" @JustinRose99...... Hahaha
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@IanJamesPoulter: RT @BudCauley @IanJamesPoulter got in on the action too!! >> it's not good to be sleeper No 2 I guess.
8 of 20 @Love3d
@Love3d: Cool experience! RT: Captain DL3 visited NY @Giants practice today; here w/owner John Mara & Head Coach Tom Coughlin
9 of 20 @CaroWozniacki
@CaroWozniacki: What is this?? @McIlroyRory ... Should I be jealous? Lol...;)
10 of 20 @JasonDufner
@JasonDufner: RT @JasonDufner your attention was clearly on other things at #RyderCup but I thought you might want a copy of this pic
11 of 20 @Coelsss
@Coelsss: Txema giving the Cup a little make up before this mornings press gig!!
12 of 20 @TheAnnaRawson
@TheAnnaRawson: Golfpunk:
13 of 20 @McIlroyRory
@McIlroyRory: Awesome to wake up next to this this morning!!!
14 of 20 @DianeDonald
@DianeDonald: Fashion emergency! Steve Stricker needs to borrow cufflinks for Luke's charity event. I'm guessing these won't do?
15 of 20 @webbsimpson1
@webbsimpson1: My new friend.
16 of 20 @robertkarlsson
@robertkarlsson: Golfcart in Katrineholm, Sweden!!!
17 of 20 @bubbawatson
@bubbawatson: Caleb's babysitter (@RickieFowlerPGA) finally showed up!! ‪#UncleRickie
18 of 20 @RyannOToole
@RyannOToole: First Tee dinner party along with my dates. Brad Freeman, Arnold Palmer, Pres.George Bush and Brad Shaw
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@bencranegolf: Pic from Golf Boys performance @bubbasbash. @RickieFowlerPGA is such a rock star, holding the mic sideways & everything
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@NickFaldo006: @IanJamesPoulter there's a golf ball in your yard!!!