The Golfer’s Dictionary: New Words to Use on the Golf Course

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You might know your pronation from your paspalum but do you know what "Sammy Hagar" means to a golfer? Check out the Golfer's Dictionary to learn the latest golf lingo, from "Wall Street" and "White Castle" to "Pete Rose" and "Danny Devito."
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Abominable Snowman noun a 9 on your scorecard, worse than a snowman "8"
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Afraid of the Dark adj. a putt that won't go in the hole
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Alec Guinness noun a shot that’s O.B. Wan Kenobi
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Amelia Earhart noun a tee shot that looks great taking off and then just disappears
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Army Golf noun a series of tee shots that go "left, right, left, right"
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Beagle noun when you hit a par 5 in two or drive a par 4 -- and then three-putt. You’ve missed your eagle, blown the birdie, feel like you’ve made a bogey, and end up with a dog of a par.
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Bernie Madoff noun a great lie and a lot of green to work with
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Bob Seger noun A hole that plays “Against the Wind,” like the Detroit rocker’s 1980 hit. (e.g., “The par-4 third was a Bob Seger today.”)
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Botox noun an unfortunate lip-out Botox. (e.g., “I would have broken 80 if it wasn’t for that Botox on 18.”)
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Captain Kirk noun a wayward shot that goes where no ball has ever gone before
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Carl noun course superintendent, inspired by Carl Spackler, from Caddyshack
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Christmas Present noun a ball that lands under a tree
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Concheat verb to concede a putt that your buddy has no chance of making in exchange for him conceding a putt that you have no chance of making (e.g. "They concheated their 8-foot putts.")
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Cuban Putt noun putt that stopped just short of the hole (i.e., needed one more revolution)
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Daisy Duke noun a shot that is a thing of beauty from out of the hazard
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Danny DeVito noun a nasty little 5-footer
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Dick Van Patten noun picking up your ball when “Eight Is Enough”
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Dollar Menu noun a guy who shortchanges his caddie
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Elephant's Butt noun a drive that's high and stinky
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Get the Waitress verb telling your approach shot to “Check, please!”
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Green Monster noun someone who gets belligerent on the course
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Lardage noun yardage you give when your buddy’s been hitting his shots fat (i.e., you find the yardage, add 10-20 yards to it and give him the “lardage”)
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Laurel and Hardy noun following a thin shot with a fat one
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Linda Ronstadt noun a drive that blew by yours, a la Rondstadt’s version of “Blue Bayou.” (e.g., “I went Linda Ronstadt on you with that drive on 15”)
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Luca Brasi noun a shot into a water hazard that now "sleeps with the fishes" like the unfortunate Corleone family enforcer
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Men’s Warehouse noun when your partner sticks his approach (i.e., “You’re going to like the way you look”)
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Ocho Stinko noun Scoring an 8 on a hole
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Mother-in-Law noun a shot that looked good leaving
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O.J. Simpson verb Getting away with one
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Pete Rose Haircut noun a divot from out of the rough
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Pole Dancer noun a shot that hits the flagstick
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Popeye noun a shot with some extra backspin, or “spin-age”
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Press Secretary noun the guy in your foursome who keeps track of bets
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Saddam Hussein noun a ball hidden in a bunker
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Sammy Hagar noun the guy who fills out your foursome when a regular can't make it
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Slot-Machine Start noun Beginning your round 7-7-7
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Snooki noun A easy putt that’s under 5 feet
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Son-in-Law noun OK shot, but not quite what you had in mind
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Sunken Treasure noun a ProV1 found in a water hazard
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U.S.G.A. verb Ugly Shot, Go Again
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Vijay Single noun A surly guy who joins your threesome on the first tee because nobody else wants to play with him
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Wall Street noun The bailout area on a hole (e.g., "Don’t even try for the pin on this hole. Just hit it to Wall Street and chip on from there.”)
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Willie Nelson noun a drive that's very high
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White Castle Putt noun a slider