Golf in Cuba: Past, Present and Future

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Adios Fidel, Hello Tiger: The Past, Present, and Future of Golf in Cuba

Adios Fidel, Hello Tiger: The Past, Present, and Future of golf in CubaFifty years ago Fidel Castro took power in Cuba. Two years later, after losing a golf match to Che Guevara, the dictator bulldozed most of his country's courses. Today, the island's tiny, eternally optimistic golf community is hoping to be freed for its second actIn this picture: Due to a lack of money and support for golf in Cuba, courses such as the Havana Golf Club are forced to make flagsticks from bamboo with rags attached.
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Architect Noel Fuentes on a bluff overlooking the site of what he hopes will be a new course, a spot once eyed by gangster Meyer Lansky for a casino.
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The stunning coastal setting of Varadero illustrates why developers covet Cuba.
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The former du Pont mansion known as Xanadu now serves as the clubhouse at Varadero Golf Club, a newer addition in the popular tourist region east of the capital.
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The sign for the Varadero Golf Club.
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A 1950's Buick on a hillside overlooking Old Havana.
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Big brother: The face of Che Guevara is omnipresent in Cuba, including at this market bookstand.
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Josh Sens, the author of the Golf Magazine article about Golf in Cuba, golfing at the Havana Golf Club.
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The street sign pointing in the direction of the Havana Golf Club.
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Johan Vega, an 8 handicap, is the head pro at Havana Golf Club. The clubs on the wall of his shop have gone unsold for 20 years. Above and to the right of Mr. Vega is a photograph of the infamous match between Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. The match was ugly, but in the end Che won, and the sore Castro destroyed most of the golf courses in Cuba in anger.
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The yardage markers at Havana Golf Club are painted on trees.
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The author, Josh Sens, surrounded by iconography in Havana.Read the full article on Golf in Cuba here