Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gadgets and Books

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Garmin Approach S1 Wrist Watch ($200; golfsmith.com) The Garmin Approach S1 Wrist Watch is a wearable GPS unit that gives you accurate distances to the front, middle, and back of the greens as well as individual shot distances. It comes preloaded with over 14,000 American and Canadian courses.
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ZTech Glove Keeper ($3; golfsmith.com) The plastic Glove Keeper from ZTech attaches easily to your golf bag and provides a great storage place for your glove while keeping its shape in between rounds.
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Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-Up($20; golfsmith.com) Forget suction cups, the Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-Up fits almost any putter grip and opens for use with the touch of a finger. Dad will be able pluck his golf ball out of the hole without ever having to bend over again.
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GOLF's Best Driving Instruction Book Ever ($32; amazon.com) Featuring the most elite team of teachers in America, this book provides everything recreational players need to add big-time yards to their tee shots with swing moves and positions anyone can master, plus a few new ticks that add eye-popping speed almost overnight. Learn how to tweak your gear to get the most yards out of your motion, mechanics for building power without swinging harder, and the end-all, be-all method for matching your driver swing to what your body can muster.
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Club Champ Kooler Klub ($40) amazon.com Sliding easily into most golf bags, this will look just like a regular club, but the easy pump dispenser located in the 'head' of the mock 3-wood transfers your favorite beverage into a cup on the golf course. Holds 48 oz.
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Personalized golf balls, (Prices vary; golfgalaxy.com) Pick from a wide variety of brands and have your favorite golf ball personalized.
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Golf Launchpad Tour ($200; electricspin.com) After connecting this diminutive simulator to your PC, Mac or PlayStation, it allows you to hit a tethered ball using your our clubs and see your shots virtually fly on screen.
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Build the Swing of a Lifetime ($26; amazon.com) Mike Bender was the 2009 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year and is still a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Zach Johnson's coach. In this1 75-page book he explains fundamentals like alignment and aim, how to keep your club on plane and how to turn effectively. Scanning QR codes placed throughout the book open videos in your smart phone.
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PING Cradle ($30; dickssportinggoods.com) The PING cradle attaches to most putters and turns your club into a personal putting coach. Download the free iPING Putter app to keep track of your putting handicap and learn ways to improve.
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Pro Defender Series Golf Bag Alarm ($35; shopping.yahoo.com) The Pro Defender Series Golf Bag Alarm is a remote controlled system to keep your golf bag safe. Whenever your bag experiences unauthorized movement, a battery-operated alarm hidden within a rubber-coated golf ball sends a signal to a pocket-sized receiver.
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The Greens Professor ($60; intheholegolf.com) The Greens Professor is a putting training aid to help perfect your putting stroke. Using a laser, this training aid provides you with instant feedback on your alignment, putting stroke and more.