The evolution of Nike’s TW ’13 golf shoe

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In January 2011, Nike started working with Tiger Woods on a golf shoe modeled on Nike's ultra-flexible Nike Free running shoe. After listening to what Woods wanted, Tobie Hatfield, innovation manager of the Nike Innovation Kitchen, began work on what would become the Nike TW '13. He borrowed the sole from the Nike SFB (Special Field Boot), which he'd designed for the Army, Navy and Special Forces.
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This is the first prototype shoe that Hatfield took to Tiger's home in Jupiter, Fla., in July 2011.
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In order to get golf spikes into the soles, Nike's designers drilled holes in the shoes and glued receptors for the spikes into place. At this point, the sole still looks very similar to the SFB boot's sole.
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The next prototype shoe featured a slightly different upper material, but after Woods told Nike he wanted more traction in the inner-forefoot area, a series of small, knobby spikes were added.
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In this close up, you can see that Nike designers simply glued the additional traction elements over the existing soles of the prototype.
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Tiger then asked Nike for a white version of the shoe, so Nike presented him with this. When he told Hatfield that the shoe felt a little too snug in the forefoot, those places were marked with a pen and the shoes were sent back to the company's headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., so designers could make more adjustments.
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This shoe, worn by Tiger in February 2012 at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, features a sole that is still flexible and carved into sections like the SFB boot, but also has many more traction elements. Notice that Nike has incorporated the spikes that were glued onto the inner forefoot of a previous prototype into this shoe's sole. The TW '13 is nearly cosmetically complete at this point—see the TW logo near the heel?
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This is the final version of the shoe, which is hitting pro shop and footwear stores now, in both white and black models. Learn more