The Easy Way To Lag Putts Close

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The Easy Way To Lag Putts Close With this technique, your second putt will always be a short putt By Ted Sheftic Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You don't hit your approach shots close enough for a one-putt. • You almost always three-putt outside of 30 feet. The Situation Most of your approach shots land farther than 30 feet from the pin. You're three-putting like crazy because you can't get the speed right. The Solution Hit the practice green and find a nice flat spot (you don't need a hole). Settle into your stance and follow these steps: Step 1 Take the putterhead back to your right toe using your normal tempo and rhythm, and then strike the putt as you normally would. Once the ball stops rolling, walk off the distance (it should be about 18 to 20 feet).
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Step 2 Settle into your stance again and make another stroke. This time, take your hands back to your right toe (giving you about 28-30 feet of distance).
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Step 3 Make a third stroke. On this one, take your hands outside your right toe. When you walk this one off you'll find that this backstroke length gives you 38 to 40 feet of distance. With this drill you'll learn to putt the ball three distinct distances in about five minutes (just match the distance to the backstroke length). It's the same principle as knowing how far you hit each iron in your bag. When you're caught at distances between the ones in your inventory, fine-tune your stroke by either taking the putter back a little farther or a little shorter. IMPORTANT: The secret to lagging putts is to control the speed with stroke length, not by speeding up or slowing down your motion. Your rhythm and tempo stay the same for every putt; only the length of your stroke changes.