Ian Poulter A Day in the Life

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Before a photo shoot with Sports Illustrated, Poulter bantered with hair-and-makeup stylist Yolando Winters.
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Christine Sonnenberg, the wardrobe stylist, brought in tens of thousands of dollars in designer clothing for the shoot.
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Poulter took time between cover shoots to show daughter Lily-Mai a little love. Son Joshua, as usual, was never far from his plastic club.
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Poulter's chic bar features a wall upholstered in alligator skin.
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A portrait with his bride, Katie, adorns one of the staircase walls in the couple's dream house.
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Poulter doesn't have to go far to work on his game -- the driving range at Lake Nona Golf Club is only 500 yards from his house.
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In his home bym, Poulter spends five days a week with trainer Mitch Sadowsky.
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After beating Luke in pool, Ian told his son, "You need to learn to win. No one is going to hand it to you."
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Like Arnold Palmer, Poulter takes pride in having a legible signature. "Ninety percent of the guys on Tour, you can't read their names," he says. "Why even bother? It's not that hard to make a little extra effort for people."
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Poulter's "golf studio" occupies two of his six garage bays. "It's like a tour van without wheels," he says. There is an indoor hitting area with cameras and a launch monitor, a grinding wheel to work on his wedges, and various other contraptions for tuning his clubs.
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Poulter doesn't sit still for very long, even when he's watching TV. "I have to be busy, or I go crazy," he says.
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Poulter, who collects Ferraris as a hobby and an investment, even owns a golf cart with some extra giddyup.