Course of Style – Golf apparel from PGA Fall Expo

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Tommy Hilfiger Golf Shirt After a six-year absence, Tommy Hilfiger is returning to American golf. The company had apparel on display at the PGA Expo in Las Vegas, like this performance cotton-blend polo in flag colors with an Oxford-blue collar lining, typical of Hilfiger's bold prep style.
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Arnold Palmer Golf Shirt Does the silhouette in this photo look familiar? Yep, it's Arnold Palme's signature follow through, positioned below the back of the collar of a shirt from the new Arnie apparel line. Geoff Tait designed the line after rummaging through Palmer's closets in Latrobe, Pa., for inspiration. The youthful, retro-styled collection features Palmerish apparel from the '50s, '60s, and '70s.
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Linksoul Golf Shirt John Ashworth, who started the Ashworth apparel label (now part of TaylorMade-adidas), returns to golf with a small, richly detailed independent collection that he calls Linksoul. It includes luxury cotton shirts, cotton-linen chambray shorts, and featherlight shirt jackets for a cool round.
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Ashworth Golf Shirt The Ashworth Golf collection, worn by Fred Couples on the Champions Tour, has been moving away from traditional cottons toward performance polyesters, like this mesh-back, cotton-poly blend shirt, which is 43 percent pima cotton but very breathable.
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AUR Golf Slacks Some vendors talked about how the focus of fashion has been moving from the top (shirts) to the bottom (shorts and trousers). Windowpane plaids, like these from AUR, a reincarnation of old-school golf brand Aureus, are an important trend in golf.
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FILA Golf Slacks FILA, whose Korean parent company recently acquired Acushnet, is seeking to expand in the United States. These trousers have clever details, including tee pockets and waist adjusters, to give a guy a little relief after a stop at the halfway house.
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Dawgs Golf Shoes It doesn't get much more casual than the slip-on sneaker golf shoe. Several were on display at the PGA Expo. Dawgs had an offering with a hound's tooth pattern called the Crossover that has traction nubs instead of spikes. They may not be suitable for tournament play, but at $50 a pair, the Crossover will certainly do for an executive course or the range.
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Royal Albatross Golf Shoes In this era of superlight, sneaker-like golf shoes, one cannot help but be amazed by these beautifully crafted, limited edition Royal Albatross golf shoes by Alex Bartholomew Ross, formerly of Burberry and Hugo Boss. They feature whimsical fabric trims, full leather soles, and funky squared-off toes.
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SwinGlow Shaft Decals Enterprising club pro Manny Torres invented the SwinGlow, a vinyl colored sleeve for dressing up your sticks that he says has no effect on your swing. At a mere 2.5 grams, they're for those who really wish to get in the swing of things.
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Tee-Shaker Golf merchandise shows tend to be full of strange, helpful gadgets that may or may not make sense. Case in point: Tee-Shaker. Attach it to your bag, shake it, pull a tee from the bottom, and then reinsert in the top after your drive. No more fumble around in your pocket for a tee. Made in the USA and $9, what's not to like?