Cobra Transition-S Irons

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Cobra Transition-S IRONS An ultra-forgiving set crafted for those with moderate swing speeds If you're like most of us and you swing your driver somewhere on the low side of 100 mph, then Transition-S irons could become your new equipment addiction. Each club is built using a wide-sole design that moves weight low and to the rear. This makes it easier to get shots airborne and provides ample help with mis-hits. The smooth, integrated set blends utility woods (3- to 5-irons) with iron-based hybrids (6 to 7) and beefy short irons (8 to PW). (Cobra has no plans to sell the utilities and/or hybrids as individual replacement clubs.) $699, graphite;
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SHAFT LENGTH Transition-S veers from the norm to combat poor distance gapping. It has 1/2-inch differences in short irons, 3/4- inch in mid-irons and one full inch in the long.
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CLUBHEAD The long and midirons have a hollow body, like woods, so more weight can be moved down and back. Mid-irons launch shots 1/2 to 1 degree higher than typical irons.
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CONSTRUCTION The long and midirons are made from 17-4 stainless steel. Short irons have 431 stainless steel, which is softer and easier to bend for loft and lie.
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SHAFT FLEX The Men's version (3-PW) comes in a "standard" shaft that's equivalent to a "soft-R" flex; the Senior (4-PW) is lite flex and Women's (4-SW) is ladies' flex only.
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REAR Short irons are backed by silicone. A softer mixture (yellow) against the face dampens vibration while "harder" silicone (black) fine-tunes sound and feel.