Winners from ClubTest 2007

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Winners from the 2007 ClubTest Here are our ClubTesters' top picks from this year's ClubTest WINNER: Drivers TaylorMade r7 Draw $299, graphite; We tested: 9°, 10.5°, HT in Fujikura ReAx 55 graphite shaft Company line: "Draw weighted technology concentrates weight in the back heel area. This encourages faster clubface rotation through impact and promotes straight shots for slicers. The 460 cc head and "inverted cone' technology provide maximum forgiveness on off-center hits." Our Test Panel says: Does exactly what it promises; draw-bias design produces penetrating, repeatable draws, but it doesn't go overboard by appearing to set up left; long and predictable; sturdy and stable from start to finish, but not for hardswinging right-to-left guys. Another great TaylorMade driver.—Brian Robbins, 18 Handicap • Video: ClubTesters talk about TaylorMade r7 Draw driver. • Read more reviews and tell us what you think • Find your next driver with our Hot Stix fitting • ClubTest 2007: Your guide to the finest new clubs
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WINNER: Game Improvement Irons Titleist 775.CB $799, steel; $899, graphite; We tested: 4-W in Nippon N.S. Pro 100 steel shaft Company line: "Traditional short irons designed for shot control and playability. Oversize long irons have enhanced offset for higher, straighter flight. Aluminum bar in 3-, 4- and 5-irons reduces vibration and improves sound and feel." Our Test Panel says: Love the look, feel and playability; rewards senses on wellstruck shots; clubhead eases through rough with no hang-ups; short irons have blade-like performance with cavity-back forgiveness; hits darts from 130 yards and in; chipping is fun — hit it high, low, soft, hard, runners, spinners; distance and longiron help aren't its forte. Excellent combination of skill enhancement, precision and game improvement. — Tom Jennings • Video: ClubTesters on the Titleist 775.CB • Read more reviews and tell us what you think • ClubTest 2007: Your guide to the finest new clubs
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May 2007: MAX Game-Improvement Irons Winner: TaylorMade r7 Draw $599, steel; $799 graphite; ClubTesters Video | Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 3-PW in Fujikura ReAx 55 graphite shaft COMPANY LINE: "Draw-weighted technology promotes a straight shot for slicers. 'Inverted cone' technology in the face helps to maximize distance on mis-hits. A wide cambered sole makes it easy to play from a variety of lies." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: So much fun to play; very attractive packaging; nice head feel and overall club balance; despite the name, doesn't overcook a draw; club cuts through rough, producing excellent results; very little distance difference between solid shots and slight misses; it simply does not slice. Handles shots from the fairway, rough, even sand, with ease. — Jeff McKinney
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WINNER: Better-player Irons Cobra Carbon CB $699, steel; We tested: 3-PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft Company line: "Tour head design, with thinner topline, classic profile and minimal offset, leads to greater workability. The 8620 carbon steel head delivers soft, solid feel." Our Test Panel says: Tops for accuracy and distance; slightly larger heads breed confidence; mucho playability — able to shape shots with regularity; no need for hybrids because long irons are super fun to hit and to get in the air; clubs rip through rough; feel on off-center shots is immediately transferred to hands. Shots want to fly straight, like a laser beam. — Jon Tate • Video: ClubTesters on the Cobra Cabron CB irons • Read more reviews and tell us what you think • ClubTest 2007: Your guide to the finest new clubs
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WINNER: Hybrids Cobra Baffler DWS $ 129, steel; $149, graphite; We tested: 16°, 18°, 20°, 23°, 26°, 29° in Aldila NV-HL graphite shaft Company line: "A larger, hotter face area with maraging steel insert generates a hotter '9 points' for greater face flex and longer, straighter shots. The DWS (Dual Weighting System) lowers CG and increases MOI for more forgiveness and power." Our Test Panel says: In a word: excellent; ball flies farther than with others tested; light rough no obstacle; great length without pressing; reliable and consistent from tee to green; attractive look, balanced feel, impact is soft, smooth. A '10' — a powerful, forgiving and confidence-inspiring look.—Kevin DiNapoli, 17 Handicap • Video: ClubTesters talk about Cobra Baffler hybrid. • Read more reviews and tell us what you think • ClubTest 2007: Your guide to the finest new clubs
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WINNER: Fairway Woods Callaway Big Bertha $179, steel;$199, graphite; We tested: 3 (16°), 5 (19°), 7 (22°), 9 (25°) in Big Bertha graphite shaft Company line: "Our oversize steel head has a high-MOI with a low center of gravity due, in part, to a low leading edge and large wide face. It has a 'consistent alignment sole' plus 'correct alignment stripe' along the crown." Our Test Panel says: The easiest-to-hit fairway woods; aim at the green and expect no curves — the heads just kill sidespin; comfortable, stable and predictable feel — plenty of zing without the sting; performance from rough far exceeds what is expected from a large-headed fairway wood. These simply won't let me hit it crooked.—George Irwin, 15 Handicap • Video: ClubTesters on the Callaway Big Bertha fairway woods • Read more reviews and tell us what you think • ClubTest 2007: Your guide to the finest new clubs
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WINNER: Wedges Titleist Vokey Spin Milled $109; We tested: 54°/10° (loft/bounce), 54°/14°, 56°/10°, 56°/14°, 58°/8°, 58°/12°, 60°/4°, 60°/8° in steel shaft Company line: "Classic teardrop shape with CNC-machined grooves and face create a rougher surface for better spin retention on partial shots. Thirty-percent more groove volume than conventional wedges provides more consistent and higher spin." Our Test Panel says: Tight lie? No prob. Sitting up in the rough? Check. Buried in the rough? Bring it on. Downhill lie? That's a go; great look and feel; superior performance; beautifully balanced; this baby has teeth — face grips the ball in rough and wet grass. A perfect blend of playability, feel and responsiveness. — Zach Fasman • Video: ClubTesters talk about Titleist Vokey wedges. • Read more reviews and tell us what you think • ClubTest 2007: Your guide to the finest new clubs
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WINNER: Putters Odyssey Black Series #1 $249; We tested: 34", 35" Company line: "Nickel-plated head milled from 1025 carbon steel. Tungsten flange yields a low, deep CG. Designed with 'loft optimization' to produce pure roll characteristics." Our Test Panel says: Extremely soft; makes today's hard balls feel like balata; very little skid; ball springs off large sweet spot; extremely forgiving for heel-toe blade; practically swings itself; sight line not unanimously felt to be effective; distance control is automatic. Crisp and responsive, lets you know immediately where you make contact. — Jon Dobberstein • Video: ClubTesters on the Odyssey Black Series #1 • Read more reviews and tell us what you think • ClubTest 2007: Your guide to the finest new clubs