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WHERE WE DID IT Centennial Golf Club in Carmel, N.Y. HOW WE DID IT ClubTesters evaluated the four wedge models from the fairway, the thick rough and greenside bunkers, and hit chips to the green. Our research partner, Hot Stix Golf, captured club data using a launch monitor. For a more detailed description of the methodology, visit HOW IT WORKS Testers vote on Look, Feel, Playability, Forgiveness and Distance. The winning model (the one receiving the most points) is awarded Golf Magazine/ClubTest 5-star status. VIDEO Click here to see how our ClubTesters rate them
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CLUB Bridgestone WC Design CLUB SPECS $109, steel; WE TESTED 52°/9.5°, 54°/11°, 56°/12°, 60°/10.5° in True Temper Dynamic Gold wedge flex steel shaft • Go to Equipment Finder profile to tell us what you think and see what other readers said about this club. 3 1/2 STARS COMPANY LINE "These offer unrivaled precision shaping, replicating that of many hand-ground Tour-level wedges. 'Variable Bounce Technology' on the sole — less bounce on the heel and toe — translates to more versatility with open- and closed-face shots." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS... Classic and classy, attractive brushed satin finish; simplicity in design; firm, sturdy, responsive feel without being jumpy; heads feel too light for some testers; lets better players open up the toolbox of shotmaking; consistent performer; average players need more forgiveness than these offer; like its relatively boring flight; lighter weight makes it quite useful on delicate shots around greens; would prefer less distance loss on mis-hits. "Pretty good; its shortcomings won't kill you." — Adam Zisserman (11)
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CLUB Cleveland CG12 Best for Feel, Best for Playability CLUB SPECS $109, steel; WE TESTED 52°/10°, 56°/14°, 60°/10° in True Temper Dynamic Gold wedge-flex steel shaft • Go to Equipment Finder profile to tell us what you think and see what other readers said about this club. 5 STARS COMPANY LINE "Zip grooves are milled to maximum conforming dimensions using a proprietary CNC mill bit. The larger groove volume channels more debris than traditional grooves, to improve contact with the ball, and optimizes spin and distance control." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS... Can do it all; hefty, substantial feel during swing; executes precisely; love the stopping power; lets you know when you make a poor swing but won't rub it in; hits it higher than others and lands softly; slices through rough leading to solid impact; best of bunch from regular lies in sand; at times, the additional spin can be challenging to predict and control; distance and direction are covered up on mis-hits; glides through sand like you're on autopilot. "Cleveland's best wedge to date." — Zach Fasman (9)
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CLUB Nickent ARC CLUB SPECS $89, steel; WE TESTED 50°/8°, 52°/8°, 54°/10°, 56°/12°, 58°/8°, 60°/7°, 62°/7° in Nippon N.S. Pro steel shaft • Go to Equipment Finder profile to tell us what you think and see what other readers said about this club. 3 STARS COMPANY LINE "Accelerated Rebound Core (ARC) is a high-rebound elastomer inside the head, directly behind the strike zone. ARC eliminates vibration and delivers a lively, solid feel. Weighs seven times less than the steel around it, creating an internal cavity." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS... Dependable, workmanlike club; smooth, soft feel but lacks responsiveness; head deadens feel too much, can't feel mis-hits; offers enough playability; 62° is cool for 40-yard shots; wider shot disparity than others; like low, piercing flight; acceptable performance in rough, but not to standards of others; serviceable on delicate shots; sole floats through sand; forgiving enough distance-wise for middle to high handicapper. "Won't punish your misses feel-wise." — Michael Jo (12)
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CLUB Sonartec t46 Best for Chips CLUB SPECS $119, steel; WE TESTED 52°/10°, 54°/12°, 56°/14°, 58°/12°, 60°/12° in True Temper Dynamic Gold wedge-flex steel shaft 4 STARS COMPANY LINE "The t46 has more mass behind the ball for a solid feel, consistent trajectory and better control. Its milled face and 'yo-yo' grooves provide maximum friction. Multi-grind sole allows for greater manipulation of clubface in a variety of lies." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS... Dark finish reduces glare off face; a winner on chips from tight lies because club hugs ground, dual sole eliminates skinny shots; precise feedback, feel mis-hits immediately; deadly accurate, versatile, a precision tool; mid-handicappers prefer more correction; club sits open nicely, low leading edge means no fear of blading flop shots; well-balanced; rips through high grass; the best for buried lies in bunker. "It provides total control." — Tom Ierubino (10)
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WINNER Cleveland CG12 $109, steel; You should feel comfortable choosing any one of these models. But the Cleveland CG12 is tops among this foursome. Consistency is the hallmark of a good wedge. This one has it. "Surgical instruments, precise for any shot." — J.P. Saulnier (17) "My sand game just got a whole lot better." — Rich Bernstein (13) "Grooves have teeth, sounds like you're undressing the ball." — Dave Doctora (7) "I had consistent backspin and I don't know how to spin the ball!" — Andy Simon (25) Click here for additional wedges that we've ClubTested in the past year. Behind the Scenes Click here to see a video of how our ClubTesters rate them