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TaylorMade r7 Limited An attractive head with max ball-flight adjustability TaylorMade's r7 Limited driver has a more triangular head than its predecessor, the r7 SuperQuad. This shapely design distributes mass farther back and toward the heel and toe for greater stability (10 percent higher MOI) and shot-shape variability (by 25 percent). Placing the removable 16-gram plug in the toe (versus heel) produces up to a 35-yard difference in shot direction (see flight map). By comparison, the SuperQuad shot shape varied by 28 yards. TaylorMade matches this stable head to a longer shaft—45.5" versus 45"—to help you belt bigger drives without suffering control issues.
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The clubface is 5 percent wider from heel to toe than the r7 SuperQuad for added forgiveness. Its whitish finish, called radium IP, contrasts nicely with the black crown.
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The club's face angle—square to 1-degree open—should appeal to 0 to 25 handicappers.
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Positioning the 16-gram plug around the head alters shot shape and ball flight. Place it in the heel for up to a 20-yard draw, rearward for a 5-yard draw, or in the toe for up to a 15-yard fade. The suggested retail price for the new TaylorMade r7 Limited is $399. More Equipment Coverage: • Research before you buy in GOLF.com's Equipment Finder • Get the latest equipment news in The Shop • Special Section: The Business Side of Golf