Classic Golf Photos of Bob Hope and His Famous Friends

1 of 9 George Long/SI
Bob Hope hosted a PGA Tour event for more than 30 years, and he rubbed elbows with many golfers and entertainers. Hope said of his good friend Arnold Palmer, shown here in 1974: "He’s won as much money as I’ve spent on lessons."
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Jack Nicklaus helped Hope line up a putt during the 1968 Byron Nelson Classic.
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Hope's famous guests at his tournament included Jackie Gleason ...
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... Jack Lemmon ...
5 of 9 Tony Triolo/SI
... Flip Wilson ...
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... Johnny Mathis ...
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... and Sammy Davis Jr. "Sammy hits a nice ball, about 90 yards," Hope said. "But his jewelry flies 110.”
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Hope was also friends with several presidents, including George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton.
9 of 9 Darren Carroll/Icon SMI
There was no confusion about which cart belonged to Hope.