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This is the back of the clubface. Using a hyperbolic X-shaped pattern makes the face lighter—and stiffer—in critical areas.
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Left to right: Aluminum back cradle with internal weights made of thermoplastic urethane and proprietary metal alloy; composite laminate body; and cast-titanium clubface. These components are held together with adhesive bonding.
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Ball speed varies by 2 mph between shots struck dead center and those hit 3/4 inch left or right of center and 1/2 inch above or below center (first black oval from center). The ballspeed difference equates to 5 yards for 100 mph swing speeds.
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Standard lofts (9°, 10° and 11°) have a nominal draw CG bias. Tour lofts (9.5° and 10.5°) have a neutral CG configuration. The tapered body reduces head drag so you swing as much as 1.5 mph faster than competitive drivers (based on 100 mph swing speed). The club's rear section is styled after the Lamborghini Reventon sports car. The MRC Fubuki shaft comes standard at 45 inches in both Tour and standard heads. Fubuki in Tour lofts (9.5° and 10.5°) has higher modulus (stiffer, more expensive) graphite in the tip section, while the standard version has a softer tip. More Equipment Content: • TaylorMade's new r7 Limited driver • 6 Hot new hybrid clubs • Get the latest equipment new in The Shop • Rate and Review clubs in's Equipment Finder