Best Quotes Of Week — Bridgestone

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“The ultimate goal for all of us is to be playing for the same amount of money as the guys and playing on the same golf course, the best golf courses like the guys and playing for the same amount of money, that's where we all want to get to. I hope I'm still on Tour when it happens, if it happens." --Women's British Open champion Stacy Lewis on whether she'd like to see equal purses for men and women in golf.
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“Am I disappointed? Absolutely not, nope. 61 is pretty good. I'm not bummed.” --Tiger Woods on not shooting 59 on Friday.
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“I was in awe of him.” --Chris Wood on playing with Tiger Woods during Woods’s 61 on Friday.
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"The main culprit [in] slow play, to me, is the golf ball and the distance the golf ball goes.” --Jack Nicklaus on how to fix slow play on the PGA Tour.
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“The British Open is the greatest accomplishment I could ever get in my career because of the shots that I had to learn and the challenge that it created for me over the course of my career.” --Phil Mickelson on winning the 2013 Open Championship at Muirfield.
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"He just turned me on. Arnie didn’t turn me on that way. I enjoyed playing with Arnie, but nobody turned me on like Jack.” --Lee Trevino on playing with Jack Nicklaus. (Photo at 1989 U.S. Open.)
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“I was 7‑under for the last seven when we played Holywood.” --Rory McIlroy on playing his home course in Northern Ireland with friends last week.
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“I want to be an established player on the LPGA tour, respected as a golfer rather than -- y'know, Tiger Woods' niece. But I realize it comes with the territory." --Cheyenne Woods on her famous uncle.
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“I said, ‘I know you're the … champion golfer of the year, but I'll teach you how to play Akron if you want.’ And he only responded with, ‘I won there when you were nine years old.’”--Keegan Bradley on arranging a practice round with Phil Mickelson at the Bridgestone Invitational.
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"I don't even buy green bananas." --Arnold Palmer, 83 years young, on his future plans.