Picture This: Think like a baseball player to fix your slice

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If you're a... SLICER You're ... coming 'over the top' and hitting the outside of the ball. By Brady Riggs with David DeNunzio PICTURE THIS! Watching a major league slugger hit a baseball is an excellent visual for learning how to use your lower body to start your downswing. When an athlete like Vladimir Guerrero swings, you can almost feel his lower body pull his upper body into action. The secret to this move is in the left knee. As the pitch nears the plate, Vlad shifts his weight to the left and allows his left knee to rotate toward the mound. Of course, it can only rotate so far (the spikes on his left foot provide resistance), so at that point he straightens his left leg. Once this "post" is set, his hands and bat sling past it at breakneck speed.
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HOW TO HIT HOME RUNS INSTEAD OF SLICES Make easy swings with your driver. Once you're set at the top, turn all of your focus to your left knee. Feel like it's being pulled in a turning motion toward the target as you start your downswing (think of your arms and clubhead just hitching a ride).
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You should feel some torque on the outside of your left leg.
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As you near impact, allow your left leg to straighten. At this point you can turn your upper body as hard as you want — your lower-body-dominated downswing has slotted the club on plane and there's little chance of coming across the ball and hitting a slice. THIS DRILL ALSO FIXES: Pulls and deep divots with your irons. Have a rigid swing? Think like a football linebacker Are you short off the tee? Think like a baseball pitcher Are you an inconsistent ballstriker? Think like a football quarterback Do you hit topped or thin shots? Think like a tennis player Hit your irons fat? Think like a hockey player