Picture This: Think like a baseball pitcher to add distance to your swing

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If you're a... SHORT HITTER OFF THE TEE You're... failing to load your right side during your backswing. Instead, you're leaning your upper body toward the target and stranding most of your weight on your left foot. By Brady Riggs with David DeNunzio PICTURE THIS! Watch New York Yankee reliever Mariano Rivera (or any other Major League pitcher) and note the way he transfers all of his weight to his back foot during his windup. There isn't a single ounce remaining on his left side (in fact, his left foot is off the ground). When he makes his move toward the plate, he transfers all of his weight to his forward foot, giving him maximum velocity.
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A lean forward leads to a lean backward during the downswing.
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At the top, your upper body weight should be over your right foot.
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HOW TO COIL AROUND YOUR RIGHT SIDE FOR MORE YARDS Grab your old baseball mitt and ball and play catch with someone. Make throws starting from the "stretch" position, with your weight evenly distributed between both feet. As you start your motion, lift your left foot off the ground and coil your upper body around your right leg. When you feel that 100 percent of your weight has transferred to your right heel, let 'er rip! With a golf club in your hands, the feeling is the same, but make sure you keep your right knee flexed. Once it straightens, your weight will shift back to your left foot. You know you're doing it right if the muscles in your right thigh feel tight and flexed when you finish your backswing.
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