Annual PGA Tour Player Survey

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Seventh Annual PGA Tour Player SurveySI recently polled 72 PGA Tour players — roughly the number who make the cut in a normal week — to gauge their feelings on issues involving the state of the game and other matters. Some of the players declined to answer certain questions (thus the percentages are for respondents only), while others offered, under the cloak of anonymity, some choice one-liners, the most notable of which are includedDo you think Roger Clemens used steroids? Yes: 65% No: 35%
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Who is the best caddie on Tour? (Can't choose your own.) Steve Williams. (Tiger Woods): 52% Jim MacKay. (Phil Mickelson): 15% Others receiving multiple votes: Damon Green (Zach Johnson), Eric Larson (Marc Calcavecchia), Alistair Matheson (Geoff Ogilvy), Tony Navarro (Adam Scott), Fanny Sunesson (Henrik Stenson), John Wood (Hunter Mahan), "anyone who puts up with Vijay" (currently Chad Reynolds)
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Do you know any pro golfers who have used performance-enhancing drugs? Yes: 6% No: 94%
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Will Tiger win a Grand Slam before his career is over? Yes: 52% No: 48%
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If you went head-to-head against Tiger every week, what would your winning percentage be? 100%: 3% 50%: 12% 40%: 6% 30%: 6% 25%: 8% 20%: 21% 15%: 4% 10%: 26% 1-5%: 11% 0%: 3%
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Have you ever been hungover during a Tour round? Yes: 50% No: 50%
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Is your life as a professional golfer more or less fun than you thought it would be when you were in high school? More: 76% Less: 24%Photo: Stuart Appleby
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If you were forced at gunpoint to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate, whom would you choose? Barack Obama: 53% Hillary Clinton: 16% I'd take the bullet: 31%
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Would rather you be paired with Tiger or Phil? Woods: 87% Mickelson: 13%
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Do you understand how FedEx Cup points are distributed? Yes: 68% No: 32%
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What's the most you've spent on a belt? $750: 7% $500: 11% $400: 4% $300: 9% $250: 6% $200: 14% $150: 6% $100: 14% $50: 29%
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Who is the nicest Tour wife? (Can't choose your own.) Richelle Baddeley (left). (Aaron): 16% Amanda Byrd. (Jonathan): 13% Tied for third: Lisa (Stewart) Cink, Mia (Jesper) Parnevik, Sandy (Kenny) Perry, Melissa (Tom) Lehman
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How would you describe Kelly Tilghman's two-week suspension by Golf Channel? Appropriate: 43% Not long enough: 13% Too long: 7% Cop-out by Golf Channel: 37%
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Tour commissioner Tim Finchem is paid $5.2 million a year. Which best describes your feelings? Overpaid: 30% Appropriate: 32% Underpaid: 3% Don't care: 35%
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Who's the biggest gossip on Tour? Caddies: 27% Sharon (Fred) Funk: 15% Kimberly (Brian) Gay: 15% Charles Warren: 11% Other receiving multiple votes: Joe Ogilvie, Amy (Rory) Sabbatini, Rory Sabbatini, Jeff Sluman