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Six Hot New Hybrid Clubs A new batch of hybrids that promises high, straight shots. Adams Idea Pro Gold $219, graphite adamsgolf.com Designed for lower handicappers, the club's Maraging steel face and overall weight placement combine for a hotter ball flight. Idea Pro Gold has a 5 percent higher MOI (2,550 g/cm2) for greater forgiveness, a 10 percent lower center of gravity, and less spin than the Idea Pro. The Gold comes with Mitsubishi Javln FX (higher trajectory) or Matrix OZIK (lower, boring flight) shafts. • Rate and review this club now in the GOLF.com Equipment Finder
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Nickent 3DX RC $129, graphite nickentgolf.com This friendly model produces easier liftoff than the 3DX DC with the help of a shallower face, a trapezoidal sole weight, a higher launch and increased backspin. The crown is brazed to the body, which saves 4 grams versus a traditional weld bead. Added weight is placed in two rear inserts to boost MOI versus previous Nickent hybrids. These plugs also help to dampen vibration on mis-hits.
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Nicklaus Claw $99, graphite nicklaus-golf.com The iron-like topline (it's thin, straight and silver) makes the Claw easy to square at address. A conventional hybrid-like rear section helps shots fly like, well, a hybrid. Two rails on the sole plus a center runner reduce turf contact and stabilize the head. A 50-gram stainless steel plug along the sole contributes to higher ball flight.
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AndNike SasQuatch Sumo2 $149, graphite nikegolf.com The square head combines with Nike's "PowerBow" rear weighting to deliver an ultra-forgiving, stable club. (Look elsewhere if you're in the market for a "workable" hybrid.) Shots launch—and fly—higher than they do with SQ Sumo hybrids. Lastly, its lightweight Cryo steel face adds pop. • Rate and review this club now in the GOLF.com Equipment Finder
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TaylorMade Burner Rescue $159, graphite taylormadegolf.com A lightweight dual crown lowers the club's center of gravity. This results in higher-launching, lower-spinning shots. The standard version (pictured) is designed with a draw bias, so shots fly to the left. A Tour version (not pictured) has neutral weighting and produces lower flight (more like an iron trajectory). The Burner Rescue has a light overall weight to promote faster swing speeds. • RateInterview this club now in the GOLF.com Equipment Finder
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Tour Edge Exotics XCG $219, graphite exoticsgolf.com Tour Edge goes high-tech in a traditional looking package. Brazing the large titanium "cup face" and crown to the steel body (no welding) results in added weight low and the promise of improved energy transfer. The clubface is thinnest toward the heel and toe to enlarge its effective hitting area. More equipment articles: • Research before you buy in GOLF.com's Equipment Finder • Get the latest equipment news in The Shop • Special Section: The Business Side of Golf