Video Lessons from GOLF Magazine's The Best Driving Instruction Book Ever!

Video Lessons from GOLF Magazine’s The Best Driving Instruction Book Ever!

Best Driving Book

Don't miss "The Best Driving Instruction Book Ever!, the fifth in GOLF Magazine's popular series of improvement manuals. The book is available here or at your favorite bookstore. With it – and the bonus videos below – you can make the game easier with longer tee shots that never miss the fairway using Tour-proven techniques from golf's top driving instructors.

The Best Driving Instruction Book Ever!
Your ultimate game plan to add 30 yards of distance off the tee

Chapter 1: The Secret to Driving Success
By James Leitz, PGA, Pinewood C.C., Slidell, La.

1.    What is the D-Plane?(page 11)
2.    How path and clubface affect your shots (page 13)
3.    How to make centered contact every time (page 14)

Chapter 2: The Case for a Unique Driver Swing
By Dr. T.J. Tomasi, PGA, PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance, Port St. Lucie, Fla.

4.    Why you need two swings (page 22)
5.    12 ways to create an ascending attack (page 24)

Chapter 3: How to Find Your Best Setup & Swing
By Mike Adams, PGA, Hamilton Farm G.C., Gladstone, N.J.

6.    How to test your body to find your best setup and swing (page 49)

Chapter 4: How to Unlock Your Driver Swing Code
Part 1: Refining Your Best Swing
By E.A. Tischler, New Horizons Golf Approach, San Jose, Calif.

7.    How to find your best track (page 61)
8.    Three ways to deliver the clubhead (page 64)
9.    Refining the way you slot the club (page 70)
10.    How to practice your most natural swing (page 74)

Part 2: The Truth About 1- and 2-Plane Swings
By Jim Hardy, PGA, Plane Truth Golf, Spring, Tex.

11.    Defining 1- and 2-plane swings (page 75)
12.    How to determine if you're a 1- or 2-planer (page 75)
13.    The Release Drill for 2-planers (page 79)
14.    The X-Drill for 1-planers (page 82)

Part 3: Perfecting Your Slot
By Jim McLean, PGA, Jim McLean Golf School, Doral Golf Resort, Miami, Fla.

Chapter 5: The Fine Art of Clubface Control
By Dr. Jim Suttie, PGA, TwinEagles Club, Naples, Fla.

15.    An inside look at open, closed and neutral swings (page 93)

Chapter 6: How to Find and Maximize Your Power
By Dave Phillips, PGA, Titleist Performance Institute, Oceanside, Calif.

16.    Inside the Titleist Performance Institute (page 107)
17.    How to build leg strength (page 112)
18.    How to build core strength (page 114)
19.    How to build push strength (page 114)

Chapter 7: Biomechanics for a Better Driver Sequence
By Dr. Robert Neal, GolfBioDynamics, Miami, Fla.

Chapter 8: Get the Most from Your Range of Motion
Part 1: Range of Motion Limitations
By Jon Tattersall, PGA & Brian Yee, P.T., Terminus Club, Atlanta, Ga.

20.    Everything you need to know about range of motion-and more (page 14)

Part 2: Postural Limitations
By Roger Fredericks, PGA, Fredericks Golf, Carlsbad, Calif.

21.    An overview of poor posture and how it happens (page 150)
22.    Perfect posture overview (page 150)
23.    How to swing with a forward posture (page 155)
24.    How to swing with an under posture (page 157)
25.    How to swing with a rotated posture (page 160)

Chapter 9: How to Practice Your Driver Swing
By Mike Bender, Mike Bender Golf Academy, Magnolia Plantation G.C., Lake Mary, Fla.

26.    The player's guide to practicing your best driver swing (page 177)

BONUS: Activity-Specific Training
By Chris Welch, ZenoLink, Endicott, N.Y.

27.    How to perform activity-specific training drills for more yards (page 181)

Chapter 10: How to Find Your Perfect Driver
By Chris Dempsey & Kevin Walker, PGA, Fuzion Golf, Jupiter, Fla.

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