Turn Your Slice into a Draw

Turn Your Slice into a Draw


This story is for you if…

• You’re a chronic slicer

• You cut across the ball (check your divots—do they point left of the target?)

• You want to hit the ball straight every time


You’ve given up trying to fix your slice and just aim more to the left now.


Over time, aiming to the left makes your swing even more outside-in. You know this is happening to you if your slices are mostly high and short, and your divots point left of the target.


Although opening your stance has intensified your slice, you can use it to hit powerful draws with one simple adjustment. At address, imagine that you’re standing at home plate on a baseball diamond. Keep your feet aimed to the left as before, like you’re lining up to hit a hot shot at the shortstop. But instead of swinging to short, try to hit the ball at the second baseman. To do this, you’ll have to swing in the opposite direction of your toe line from the top. That’s what swinging from the inside-out feels like. Do it correctly and your shots should fly with a draw and send the centerfielder back, back, back…