Tips From The Tour: Short Approach Shots

Tips From The Tour: Short Approach Shots

“Distance control is key. From inside 125 yards, you can hit it right at the flag, but if you’re 30 feet short, you’re putting or chipping from 30 feet. You hit it 10 feet right or left of the flag and get the distance correct, then you’ve hit a pretty good shot. I like to lay up to 100 yards for a full sand wedge and 85 to 88 yards for a full lob. You’d rather be able to make a full, smooth swing than a partial swing because it’s much easier to control the distance. Other than that, I try and make a smooth swing. I want to be able to hit the ball solid, with as little effort as possible.”

Category: Approaches from 50-125 yards (Average distance from hole)

Tour Rank Player Distance
1. Scott Verplank 14’1″
2. Steve Stricker 14’7″
3. Stuart Appleby 15’2″
4. Jonathan Byrd 15’11”
5. Paul Goydos 16’1″
PGA Tour Average 19’4″

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