Tighten Your Stance to Bust Big Drives

March 24, 2007


• You want more yards without changing your swing
• You feel off balance during big swings
• Your slice is killing you!

The prevailing wisdom

Take a super-wide stance to hit bigger drives, because spreading your feet creates the support you need when you’re swinging for the fences.

Why the prevailing wisdom is wrong

When you take a wide stance your lower legs angle in from your feet to your knees. This is a power-bracing position, not a powerdelivering position.

What to do instead

Position your feet directly under your hips. This “stacks” the upper part of each leg on top of the lower, giving you full use of the power of your entire leg.

The extra benefit

In addition to giving your swing extra leg power, a hip-width stance makes it easier to pivot around each hip. This is a fundamental of any striking motion. If your stance is wider than your hips, you’ll need to move laterally to get either hip where you need it, and with all that sliding you’re bound to reverse pivot and hit a majorleague slice. A hip-width stance negates the need to slide and the likelihood you’ll slice.

Top 100 Poll
For swinging a driver, the feet should be positioned…

58% Under your shoulders
25% Outside your shoulders
17% Under your hips
0% Inside your hips

“A narrow stance can certainly give you extra rotation. But if you’re a hard swinger, place your feet outside your shoulders.”
Top 100 Teacher Jon Tattersall