Straighten Out Your Putts

Straighten Out Your Putts

If you can putt the marker straight, then your face is square at impact.
Angus Murray

This story is for you if…

• You can’t control the direction of your putts

• You rotate the face of your putter open or closed during your stroke

• You think you might open or close the face, but you’re not sure


You miss your putts either right (face open at impact) or left (face closed).


It doesn’t matter how you swing your putter as long as you set the face square to your target at address and know it’s square at impact, too.


Place a Magic Marker with a flat bottom on a smooth surface such as your kitchen floor. Point the tip of the marker at an imaginary target and set the putter square to the bottom end of the marker. Make a stroke like you would for a six-foot putt.

Even the slightest bit of putterface rotation will cause the marker to spin. Continue doing this drill until you can make the marker go dead straight 10 times in succession. Then you’ll know the feel of a square face at impact.