Roll Smoother Putts

Roll Smoother Putts

The Problem

Your putts tend to hop and skip offline, and your distance control is generally poor.

Why it happens

The angles in one or both of your wrists are breaking down during your stroke. [See the bottom of the page to find out which one is causing the problem.] In a good putting grip, the back of your left wrist is flat and in line with the shaft, while your right wrist is bent back slightly. More important, these positions are maintained throughout your stroke.

Keep your right wrist bent.

Keep your left wrist flat.

The Fix

How can you tell which wrist is causing inconsistent putts?

It’s easy: Try hitting putts with only your left hand, and then only your right hand. In each case, your wrist position should remain the same at address, takeaway and impact. Without the help of the opposite hand, you’ll quickly discover where each wrist needs to be to make a decent stroke — and this is exactly where that wrist should be when you put your hands together in a normal stroke.

Right wrist never loses its bend.

Left wrist is flat throughout the stroke.