Pure it from a Downslope

Pure it from a Downslope

Set up with your right foot back and shoulders tilted to match the slope.
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This story is for you if…
• You struggle when your left foot is lower than your right
• You usually push, slice or thin shots from this lie
• You feel unbalanced when addressing these shots

Your ball is on a severe downhill lie.

How to catch it clean
Set up with a shoulder-width stance and position the ball just inside your right foot. Tilt your shoulders to the left until they’re even with the slope. (You can flare your left foot a little to maintain your balance.) Now move your right foot behind you (away from the target line) by about a foot or so. You now have a clear inside-to-out path that the club can follow to the ball. Make sure you release the club (let your right hand cross over your left) after impact, and swing as far into your followthrough as possible.

Down Time — Swing down the slope, keeping your posture intact and your weight over your left foot.

Right Foot Back — Pull back your right foot so you can swing the club back and through without your right leg getting in the way.

Full Release — Don’t chop at this shot—make as full a release as possible without losing your balance.