Make More Pressure Putts

Make More Pressure Putts


“The most important thing you can do is hit the putt solid. When you hit a putt flush, it makes a different sound. That’s what you’re listening for. It also helps to practice them–a lot. I probably spend about 80 percent of my practice time on the putting green, and most of that time is spent on short putts. If you know you can make the 5-footers, then it doesn’t put any pressure on the 20-footers.

At the Buick Championship in August, I didn’t hit a practice ball all week. I just putted every day. That’s what makes you money–the putter. And that’s why I put so much emphasis on it. If you’re playing mediocore, it’s a great Band-Aid. It can give you confidence and keep you going, which means you can stay more aggressive out on the golf course. If you’re hitting it awesome but not making any putts, you feel like you’re wasting your time.”

Category: Birdie putts made after approach inside five feet

Tour Rank Player Attempts Putts made Pct.*
T1. Briny Baird 28 27 96.4
T1. Robert Allenby 28 27 96.4
3. John Cook 27 26 96.3
4. Retief Goosen 23 22 95.7
T5. Dudley Hart 21 20 95.2
T5 Tim Herron 42 40 95.2
PGA Tour Average 82.9

*Through Sept. 15, 2005

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