How to Straighten Out Your Hybrids

How to Straighten Out Your Hybrids


This story is for you if…

• You don’t know how to set up for a hybrid shot

• You hook your hybrids or catch them thin

• You play your hybrids like woods

The Problem
You purchased a hybrid because everyone told you how great they are, but when you get on the course, you’re not sure where to position the ball in your stance, and then you always hook it.

The Solution
The reason you’re having hybrid trouble is that you set up like you would for a fairway wood (the club it looks like) instead of an iron (the club it plays like).

How to Set Up for a Hybrid Shot
Place a ball slightly forward of center in your stance and lay your driver perpendicularly behind it. Then place another ball just inside your left heel. Take a hybrid in your right hand and set up in front of the center ball, and a 3-wood in your left hand in front of the second ball. Notice how different the shaft angles are — the hybrid shaft tilts forward, while the 3-wood shaft is more upright. So if you play a hybrid like a 3-wood, that shaft angle will cause you to swing inside and close the clubface, sending your ball left. Instead, play the ball like a 5-iron shot (ball slightly ahead of center and hands inside your left thigh) and you’ll start hitting your hybrids straight.