How to Know Your Aim is True

How to Know Your Aim is True

Use a credit card as a guide and an aim checker to make sure you're straight.
Bob Atkins

This story is for you if…

• Missed short putts are killing your scores
• You never practice aiming your putter

The Problem

You miss too many short putts, and they make you nervous.

Why It’s Happening

On anything shorter than 10 feet, you’re missing because you don’t have the putterface aimed correctly. The sweet spot must be perpendicular to your target in order to start the ball on line and keep it there. This seems obvious, but if you miss a lot of short putts, you probably take aiming the clubface for granted.

How to Fix It

You’ll need a friend to help with this drill. Find a straight 8-foot putt on the practice green and plop a ball down. Go through your normal pre-putt routine and then take your address. Once you’re set, have your friend switch the ball for a credit card, placing it as shown. Now, rise up out of your posture, stand back and look down the long edges of the card — lines extending out from these should bracket the cup.

If you’re off, repeat the drill, but this time align the card first. Then place a ball on top of the card and set your putterface square to the edge of the plastic. This allows you to see what straight really looks like. After a few practice sessions you’ll get it right without any help.