How to Hit the Ultimate Go-To Drive

How to Hit the Ultimate Go-To Drive

<strong>PRACTICE TIP</strong> Lay a club against your toes and another on your target line to get a feel for how much you should open your body to the target. If you want a 10-yard fade, the club against your toes should point 10 yards left of target.
Angus Murray

This story is for you if…

• Your most common ball flight is left to right.

• Your intentional fades often turn into slices.

• You need a go-to tee shot you can depend on.

What It Is

The power fade is just that: a fade with power. Because a fade is the most common ball flight, hitting one is the most dependable shot when you need a solid drive.

How To Add Power To Your Fade


Aim your body where you want the ball to start and set your clubface square to where you want the ball to land. An open stance will automatically move the ball forward in your stance. The only ball adjustment you need to make is to tee it slightly lower. This will allow you to naturally make a more outside-in swing without forcing it.


Before you start your swing, remove any tension you have in your body. This allows your body to complete its range of motion in your transition before starting down to the ball. Through impact, you want to feel that the toe of the club doesn’t rotate past the heel. But don’t hold on to the clubhead — instead, use your practice swing to ingrain that feeling of acceleration without rotation by waggling back and through impact without the toe rotating over.