How to Hit Flush Iron Shots

How to Hit Flush Iron Shots

You'll never compress the ball if you rise up on your downswing. Make your first move from the top a "power lean."
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This story is for you if…

• You catch most of your irons thin

• Even when you catch them OK, you never take a divot

The Problem

You tend to rise up on your downswing and catch the ball thin.

The Solution

Drop your body down toward the ball as you start your downswing. All great ballstrikers, from Ben Hogan to Tiger Woods, make this “power lean” move.

How to Do It

Swing to the top of your backswing and hold. Next, make a slight “sitting” move, as if you’re plopping your rear end on a high chair. Try to drive your weight through your left foot and into the ground. You should feel your hips, torso and head lean toward the ball. Practice like this a few times then start making regular full swings. The sensation you’re after is that you’re trapping the ball against the turf. That’s when you get compression and shots that rocket off your clubface with perfect speed and spin.