How to Hit Every Iron Flush

How to Hit Every Iron Flush

Keep the book flat against your back when you swing to stop thin and fat contact.
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This story is for you if…

• You’ve been frustrated with your iron play

• You alternate randomly between solid, thin and fat shots

The Secret to Consistency

Keep your hands the same distance from the ball at both setup and impact by maintaining your posture (spine angle) from setup to follow-through.

How to Get It

While it’s impossible to think about what your spine is doing when you swing, you can use this simple trick to see if you’re changing its position.

Step 1

Tuck a softcover book in the back of your pants so half of it shows above your belt.

Step 2

Address a ball, and as you bend forward into your posture keep the exposed part of the book flat against your lower back.

Step 3

Make your regular full swing. If you start to raise up (the move that causes your thin hits), you’ll feel the top of the book jam against your back. If you drop too far down toward the ball during your swing (your fat-causing mistake), you’ll lose contact with the book. Keep making swings (in slow motion, if you have to) until you can keep the book snug against your spine all the way to your follow-through.