How to Give the Ball a Power Slap

How to Give the Ball a Power Slap

Your lower body leads your arms down into position. If you start your swing with your hands and arms, you can't get into this powerful position.
Angus Murray

This story is for you if…

• You lack distance because you release the club too early…

• …or you don’t release it at all, which robs you of clubhead speed.

The Conventional Wisdom

Keep your left wrist flat through impact.

Why It’s Wrong

You forget about releasing the club with your right wrist, which slows down your clubhead speed through impact and costs you distance.

What to Do Instead

At address, make a couple of smooth waggles, focusing on how you’re going to hinge your right wrist in your backswing. Make sure you start your downswing with your hips, with your arms naturally following. When you approach impact, release hard with your right side and snap your right wrist through impact.

Learn This Move

This is the same motion as an infielder making a sidearm throw to first base. You know you’re swinging correctly if your right wrist is flat just after impact and the butt of your club points to the center of your body.

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